What is NPPES

What are NPI Numbers and Why Are They Important?

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What are NPI Numbers And Why They Are Important?

The Centre of Medicare and Medicaid service {CMS} to strengthen the billing, healthcare transmission submitting procedure has introduced NPI the 10 digits Unique Identification Number for all the providers.

Its main goal is to deter the frauds, improve electronic transitions, and also reduces the burden.

What Is NPPES?

Basically, NPPES stands for the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System. It helps the individuals to submit an application order to get NPI {The 10 digit unique number}.

What Is The NPPES Registry Process?

What is NPPES

You just have to go to its official website and then create an account with the help of a User ID and password. After that log in to the account to submit an application for an NPI number.

All the information will be totally secured, after some days you will receive your NPI number, after receiving the NPI number you need to submit a copy of it to the region program director.

Once, you have obtained your NPI number only if you ever leave employment, your NPI number goes with you because it is our number only.

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